The Conservation Pathway (Volume 1)

The Conservation Pathway (Volume 1)
1 December 2023 UK Stem

The Conservation Pathway Volume 1 project book is a fantastic resource providing ideas and inspiration for all budding Conservationists! We have developed The Conservation Pathway as a guide to help learners complete a project towards their Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Global STEM Award certification. Explore a variety of real-world environmental challenges and relevant career pathways with a range of creative hands-on projects to suit all learners. Investigate coastal underwater worlds and polar seas, remote island habitats, mountain peaks and urban jungles. Sections such as Setting the Scene, Challenge Yourself, Exploration, Communication and Reflect, provide key background information written to guide you on your journey into the natural world.

Each project has been developed by professionals in Conservation, Ecology and Research, STEM Engagement and Education. The Conservation Pathway Volume 1 comprises a partnership between global conservation and environmental research organisations – including: Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Sea Mammal Research Unit (University of St Andrews) and Puhi Peaks Station in New Zealand.

Suggested activities include robotic technology to support environmental research and conservation and investigating the delicate chemical balance of our oceans and the impact of changes on wildlife. Projects are supported by a selection of exciting real-world careers: learn about who the people are that lead on conservation projects, what their roles are, the STEM skills that they have developed and the career pathways that led them to where they are today.

You will also find a helpful glossary of definitions of specialist terms at the end of the book, plus a detailed list of suggested supplies.

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