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UK STEM offers a range of resources, such as off the shelf packages, or bespoke resource development for particular projects and learning needs.


Resources for primary science investigations


You can purchase any of these resources with or without training. All are available from April 2016.


Training for any one of these can be completed in a two hour session (4-6pm) either at your school or at a local venue.


All the resources include: worksheets, templates, tests to carry out.


Bespoke printing service For schools experimenting with CAD £1.50 per gram plus postage

UK Stem recommends use of AUTODESK 123D as a great 3d modelling tool

.STL files available as downloads

Email mike with .stl file – if you’re not sure how to do this email Mike for further information and assistance.

The 3D Printshop

Control Freak Uk Stem