The CANDOO® is a fun and engaging game designed to get young learners thinking about and discussing careers. It can be played as a game on its own or built into wider careers activities.

The aim of the game is to build up skills and qualifications to complete your career path. You can complete your career path by collecting 4 out of 5 skills cards and a qualification card relevant to your career. Win by collecting the most points. Use life experiences cards to help your career, add bonus points to your career path or even prevent others from completing their career path!

“Pupils really enjoy the game play but most importantly I overheard one group of pupils having a really interesting conversation about science careers and the game really seemed to be provoking questions and discussion which is fab- it’s also great for science capital and promoting literacy too- so thank you for creating it!” 

Rose Edmondson, Teacher of Science

Game Support

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If your job is no longer needed by a company or organisation, they might make you redundant. You will get a ‘redundancy package’ when you leave that will support you while you find other work.

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A CV, or Curriculum Vitae, is a document that showcases all of your relevant education, experience and skills. You send a CV to companies or organisations that you want to work for.

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You might get a promotion if you’ve been doing particularly well at your job, or if you have been in your job for a certain amount of time. You might get a new job title and a higher salary.

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When applying for a job, your future employer might ask for a reference to confirm you have worked where you say you have worked. Your previous employer will give a statement about you or confirm that you have worked at that company or organisation.

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Transferrable Skills

Transferrable skills are skills that you have developed in a certain industry, which you can then apply to a different industry.

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If you have been headhunted, it means that someone has seen your profile, or knows about you, and wants you to work for or with them.

How to Play

Download a set of instructions or watch the video below:

Career Related Learning

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