USA Student achieves Platinum Global STEM Award

USA Student achieves Platinum Global STEM Award
17 June 2024 UK Stem

A huge congratulations to 17 year old, Charlotte Meier from Notre Dame High School, California USA on completing the platinum level Global STEM Award.

Charlotte has a keen interest in science, especially chemistry and is passionate about the environment and set herself a task to research greywater reclamation and general water conservation in Southern California, and the US southwestern region. The project was based upon the Greywater Project’s water conservation challenge and she focussed on the development of a biocompatible liquid detergent for greywater reclamation.

Charlotte conducted the project completely independently demonstrating excellent skills in science and conservation investigation, experimenting on her own composition for a biocompatible detergent, testing it against an existing commercial product in its efficacy to clean clothes without having a detrimental effect on plants and grasses.

Charlotte identified that in undertaking her project she had developed and used critical thinking, analytical, and science-based skills. She also looked at careers that relate to chemistry, biology, environmental sciences, and agricultural research and is considering a potential career in hydrology, consumer product development, water conservation awareness, and/or fresh-water management. She has also been looking into a possible career in civil engineering.

Charlotte is hoping to have the opportunity to present her project and product to a local venture capital investment mentoring program later this year – “Good Luck Charlotte – we hope to hear from you again to find out how you get on”

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