Gold Level Global STEM Award Presented

Gold Level Global STEM Award Presented
5 July 2023 UK Stem

A huge congratulations to Elspeth, a student aged 10 from St Anselm’s School in Derbyshire for completing two incredibly detailed conservation projects and as a result achieving the Gold, Advanced level Global STEM Award.

Elspeth’s projects focussed on the conservation of wildlife species native to the UK and in China and her projects featured species such as the South China tiger and the Asian elephant. She extensively researched the geography of her chosen locations which included information on climate and challenges faced in protecting some of the most endangered animals in the world. Her project was then beautifully presented in a digital format. A very deserved award where Elspeth clearly highlighted the development of some key skills that she used in her work as well as some brilliant labour market information on the conservation and ecology-based career roles that are relevant to her project.

Elspeth has previously completed both bronze and silver Global STEM Awards and this is what she has to say about taking part in the award programme:

“I chose the Global STEM award because I love science and I’m interested in how we can use it to improve our world. 

While working on my projects, I enjoyed the fact that there’s always more than one answer to a question and this helped me to keep an open mind. I loved finding out the facts for each of my projects which helped me with many skills ranging from computer work, research and considering varying opinions and views. 

The Global STEM projects also helped me to understand the different and exciting career paths within science and engineering. It is this world where I hope to work in in the future and I’m looking forward to researching more areas to give me an idea of where I’d like to explore.”