Royal Academy of Engineering

Over the last 12 months, together with our charitable arm, STEM Without Borders, we have been proud to work alongside The Royal Academy of Engineers and Mindsets Online to provide the accreditation process for Royal Academy badges and Global STEM Awards as part of the ‘Connecting STEM Teachers’(CST) programme.

Challenge Resource Boxes

The Royal Academy of Engineers have provided a stimulating range of free challenge resource boxes and young learners across the UK have been tasked with completing themed STEM challenges to earn a series of digital badges. There are 9 challenge badges to complete with the ‘This is Engineering – Entertainment’ box and 7 challenge badges to complete within the ‘Engineering in a Pandemic’ box. All challenges set encourage learners to develop and recognise key STEM skills and ‘engineering habits’ as well as understanding the range of STEM related careers that could be linked to each challenge.

This is Engineering – Entertainment, challenges include:

  • Track your step
  • Sporting data
  • Enter the fourth dimension
  • Computer always wins
  • All about the sound
  • Synthetic beats
  • Setting the mood
  • Creating a horror scene
  • The full production

Engineering in a Pandemic, challenges include:

  • Post pandemic world
  • Virus bioart
  • Outbreak
  • Testing, testing, testing
  • Block the way
  • Weird and wonderful face masks
  • Respiratory challenge

All learners completing the full set of challenges within one of the boxes progress onto Global STEM Awards and have also been awarded a bronze Global STEM Award.  So far over 400 digital badges across the series have been awarded.  A new ‘Flight’ themed resource box is now about to be launched and sent out to schools that are signed up to the CST programme.

For more information on this and details on how your school can sign up to the CST programme and start earning challenge badges – visit: RAENG CST Programme