Family Learning

Control Freak Courses

Control Freak Courses are Crumble coding and Vex robotics courses are aimed at students in year 5/6. Participants get to build their own projects using sparkles, switches and more; build remote control robots to play robo-football! We have previously run them over the summer holidays at Hull University and Pocklington School.

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Crumble Universal Buggy (CUB)

This minimalist Crumble buggy is great for learning how to code on Crumble – whilst having tons of fun! Can you make your buggy write your name? How about follow a line or run away from objects? You could even add a sparkle and make it into a police buggy – anything is possible!

Comes with the CUB Cookbook – full instructions on how to build and code your buggy, plus project ideas for the Global STEM Award.

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Geodesic Dome

The geodesic dome is a great way to learn about shapes in mathematics. You could build your own mini greenhouse using clingfilm; investigate temperature using dataloggers; design your own sustainable house – and more!


This card game can be fun, engaging and competitive – whilst teaching your children about careers. Collect qualification and skills cards to complete your career path – but beware – it’s not as easy as it seems! Play redundancy or career change paths on other people’s paths to slow them down – or even make them start again!

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Global Stem Awards

The Global STEM Awards are perfect for family learning. All of our products are or can be adapted to fit the criteria for a Global STEM Award. To find out more about the awards, visit the Global STEM Award area of our website.