Science & Engineering


Teams compete as different countries in Europe to generate electricity. They need to build their own wind turbine towers out of Knex and blades out of card, before competing in rounds to try and generate electricity at the lowest price possible whilst still breaking even (making the smallest profit). It’s a competitive, fun and engaging atmosphere.

Data is gathered remotely from each team and displayed through a central console, so students can see the energy their team is generating in real time. Competition rounds mean that teams compete to generate electricity at the lowest price possible.

The level of challenge can be varied to suit students of different age and ability levels.

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Earthquake Simulator

The earthquake simulator can be used to test structures made out of Knex or art straws. Activities include testing how additional weights, height and pendulums influence how a tower moves in an earthquake.

Art straw towers allow for creative towers and they can be tested with the same force as an earthquake! Knex towers can be used for quick builds and study of natural frequencies and standing waves in structures. Stand alone – no PC required. It can link straight to a monitor or projector.

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Temperature Dataloggers

These dataloggers are USB sized and can be used in an endless range of experiments to investigate properties of materials, fitting in with the D&T and science KS2 curriculum areas. Activities can include those such as children designing a way to keep their sandwiches cool during the day. This is followed by a scientific investigation: what happens to temperature of the sandwiches?

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