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Crumble Projects

UK STEM offers a comprehensive service to support the use of Crumble software hardware. We’ve worked very closely with the Crumble developers since the software was created. We have run over 50 teacher training courses and delivered hundreds of hours of activities with children on all ages (from 8 – adults and beyond).

UK STEM offers bespoke Crumble courses, such as fireworks using sparkles; retro gaming projects using matrix boards and switches; nightlights using LDRs; fairground rides using motors and many more! We also offer seasonal projects such as Christmas and Halloween lighting displays.

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Crumble Universal Buggy (CUB)

The CUB is a programmable buggy that uses the Crumble Kit and Software. It is the simplest self-assembly buggy on the market – quick to assemble, take apart and repurpose.

Activities it can be used for: drawing, object avoidance, line following, ‘get out of the maze’ and many more!

Language free assembly instructions make it accessible to everyone.

Manufactured from starch based and biodegradable PLA (Polylactic Acid). Designed & made in the UK.

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Crumble Cookbooks

The Crumble Cookbooks have been written by Crumble experts as a guide to programming using the Crumble software. The books are supported by a set of downloadable ‘recipe cards’ that give challenges at different levels of ability.

Endorsed by Redfern Electronics.

Available as a book or a kit pack.

Crumble Cookbook 1: available now

Crumble CUB Cookbook: 2022 release


UKSTEM offers unique programmes that explore the world of Vex Robotics. We design bespoke programmes to suit what you need: previous courses include linking robotics to forensics investigations, investigating mechanisms and building remote controlled robots. Programmes can be adapted to suit learners of all ages and ability ; can be made more advanced by the introduction of other components and coding.

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Global STEM Awards

All of our products are or can be adapted to fit the criteria for a Global STEM Award. To find out more about the awards, visit the Global STEM Award area of our website.

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