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Summer Courses

This year we are running Maker-Fest Courses and Vex Robotics Courses at the University of Hull.


Maker-Fest Courses involve:

  • Learning to use the coding software Crumble

  • Designing and building your own coding projects

  • Opportunity to gain the Bronze Global STEM Award (for more information on the Awards click here)

  • Take home your own kit!

Vex Robotics:

  • Build your own robots - both automated and remote control

  • Learn to code in the Vex software


  • Maker-Fest Courses

    • Course 1: ​29th July + 5th August

    • Course 2: 30th July + 6th August

    • Course 3: 31st July + 7th August

    • Course 4: 12th August + 19th August

    • Course 5: 13th August + 20th August

    • Course 6: 14th August + 21st August

  • Vex Robotics Courses​

    • Course 1: 1st August + 2nd August

    • Course 2: 22nd August + 23rd August: FULLY BOOKED

If you cannot make any of the dates but are still interested, please email beckie@ukstem.uk for any alternative dates.


  • Free!


‘Good learning new things and experience with robotics and circuits… just wish it was every week’ – Frankie, 2017

‘Good bits – building and coding!’ – Alfie, 2017

‘Excellent’ – Zain, 2017