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Resources for primary science investigations


You can purchase any of these resources with or without training. All are available from April 2016.


Training for any one of these can be completed in a two hour session (4-6pm) either at your school or at a local venue.


All the resources include: worksheets, templates, tests to carry out.


Uk Stem

Across the drawbridge


Maths and science in castles (and other amazing structures like bridges, towers, cathedrals etc.). Practical activities with maths and science links you can run yourself.


You’ll need: basic equipment such as card, paper, tape.


Technical level: low

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Energy Works


Maths and science in desktop energy projects: wind powered hoists, solar power and water wheels.


You’ll need: construction kit such as K’nex, solar panels, generator and electrical outputs such as LEDs.


Technical level: High

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Uk Stem

Making movement


Explore how things work together to move movement from one place to another. The science (and maths) of gear wheels, pulleys and linkages).


You’ll need construction kit such as k’nex plus card, tap and paper fasteners.


Technical level: intermediate

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Quaking earth


How we can design to saves lives when earthquakes strike.


You’ll need: basic kit including card, tape  plus a mock up earthquake table made from ping pong balls and a plastic tray.


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