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Low cost and versatile buggy. It all clips together and can be used as drawing buggy or as basis for other designs. The unique double motor clip connects into wide lolly sticks, kebab skewers and 20mm plumbing pipe for a range of designs only limited by your imagination!

Crumble Drawing Buggy

    • Instructions leaflet
    • 4x 3D printed brackets
    • 2x Aluminium rods
    • 1x Separator piece
    • 2x Motors 
    • 2x Wheels
    • 1x Crumble board
    • 1x USB cable
    • 1x Red and black wires
    • 2x Elastic band
    • 1x Whiteboard pen
  • The Crumble Drawing Buggy uses the Crumble software (provided by Redfern Electronics), which is free to download. Find it here or Google 'Crumble Software Download'.