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Working with Forewind for Success


The Forewind Consortium was looking for consent to go ahead and develop the Dogger Bank Offshore wind farm, and needed to meet its obligations in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Mike Cargill worked closely with Forewind to engage with the local community:

·      He recruited ‘Teacher Champions’ from thirty schools in the Hartlepool to Hull region.

·      Forewind provided funding for the schools to develop classroom resources aimed at helping students become more informed about the offshore wind industry and employment opportunities.



·      Teachers and students reported increased knowledge and awareness of the industry.

·      Forewind gained consent to go forward with this important development.


Teachers said:


‘We had high quality lessons developed by a team of teachers, students engaged in the activities well’


‘I feel very privileged and proud to be part of this education programme’


Students said:


‘It’s different to normal work, its better. You get to find out more about what’s going on around you’


‘It was like a videogame, it was awesome’



Workshop delivery for the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board.


UK STEM working in partnership with Moore Effective Business Solutions was proud to deliver a series of Power Race workshops for the ECITB in schools across Humberside. The 5 days of activities engaged over 300 pupils in learning about careers in ECITB companies in the Humber region. The Power Race activity was developed in early 2016 in response to a demand for hands on practical and competitive activities and its now undergoing further development to increase the number of energy related issues that the activity helps pupils learn about.


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Project development with SMart Wind Ltd, led by Mike Cargill.
Mike worked closely with offshore wind energy developers SMart Wind to create the SMart Futures programme. Details of the project are at http://www.smartwind.co.uk/smart-futures.aspx
The SMart Futures project was such a success that the idea for a Supergrid activity was conceived.  Supergrid was launched at the National STEM Centre in 2012 and has continued to engage thousands of learners across the Midlands, the North and North East of England. This video shows the essence of the engagement and learning that takes place during a Supergrid activity session.