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Primary Schools

Space Project for Primary Schools


Mike has been spending time in primary schools in Southern Yorkshire supporting teachers in understanding the resources available for projects linked to the hugely exciting Tim Peake Principia Space Mission on the International Space Station.

Projects have included: solar-powered space buggies with year 5 and 6 students and air-powered space rockets with years 1 and 2.

If you would like your school to be involved with the Space Project, click here to email Mike or visit www.stem.org.uk/esero

Secondary Schools




Powerrace – the highly interactive energy challenge.

Launched at the Big Bang in 2016, this fun activity day involves teams of students in designing and building their own wind turbine blades and towers and competing against other teams to sell their ‘energy’ at best cost. It’s furious and fast moving stuff!

Go to Powerrace for more details Reviews and more info at: https://stemdirectories.org.uk/scheme/power-race/




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Power Race


Control Freak – powered by Crumble


Techie activities and parties for techie kids!


Kid-friendly programming software to make things turn and move, flash and whizz! Control Freak sessions are all about getting engaged, having fun and loads of learning. Pupils will use control software writing their own code  (aka algorithms) and follow their own creative imagination to see where using this software and their skills will take them.

Coming soon: Control Freak parties and Coding for Parents...

Control Freak Parties: unleash the computer whizz in your kids with this fun birthday party package.

Coding for Parents: a short course specifically designed for parents, introducing you to your child’s world of Computer Science. But take care – you might just release your own inner computer nerd!

The Coding for Parents course uses Control Freak software - a great way to connect with your child during and after Control Freak summer courses.

For further information or an informal chat, contact Beckie



Want to run Control Freak courses in your school or centre?

Contact Beckie at UKSTEM

Across the drawbridge


Maths and science in castles (and other amazing structures like bridges, towers, cathedrals etc.). Practical activities with maths and science links you can run yourself.


You’ll need: basic equipment such as card, paper, tape.


Technical level: low

Contact Mike for further information and prices

Uk Stem

Energy Works


Maths and science in desktop energy projects: wind powered hoists, solar power and water wheels.


You’ll need: construction kit such as K’nex, solar panels, generator and electrical outputs such as LEDs.


Technical level: High

Contact Mike for further information and prices

Uk Stem

Making movement


Explore how things work together to move movement from one place to another. The science (and maths) of gear wheels, pulleys and linkages).


You’ll need construction kit such as k’nex plus card, tap and paper fasteners.


Technical level: intermediate

Contact Mike for further information and prices



Quaking earth


How we can design to saves lives when earthquakes strike.


You’ll need: basic kit including card, tape  plus a mock up earthquake table made from ping pong balls and a plastic tray.


Contact Mike for further information and prices


Planet Maths


This Key Stage 2 resource will be bringing maths alive and making it practical through a number of engineering scenarios. Due for release in 2019


Contact Mike for further information and prices or Becky