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What's it all about?







Since the days of the earliest civilisations, the development of the world as we know it has depended on people who understand maths and science and can problem solve. We could call this scientific research, engineering and creative design - but we wrap it up in the all-encompassing acronym of STEM.


STEM combines the discrete subjects of science, maths and technology into a real world context. It is not limited to these areas – they are just the core. Real strength comes from working with art or media or humanities, and the context may be engineering (hence the ‘E’ in STEM). It could, however, also be another scientific or other technical area. The really exciting part is the vast number of different contexts this can lead the learner into - and it creates huge opportunities for learning about the people who are ‘out there’ developing these areas.


A typical example of this would be a recent project in which students studied wind turbines in science. In their media class they developed promotional videos for their local area which defined the different characteristics of people who may work in new careers in the offshore wind energy sector. The students included qualifications, career pathways and their views on whom this type of work would appeal to – in fact they covered all the areas any good careers programme would focus on.


Research illustrates that when it comes to inspiring learners into seeing what their futures could be, STEM works.


Young people access STEM through a variety of routes. In school it could include activity or enrichments days; regular class lessons; careers events; visiting speakers and competitions. There is a huge amount of information available on the web, particularly in the United States. http://www.mastersindatascience.org/blog/the-ultimate-stem-guide-for-kids-239-cool-sites-about-science-technology-engineering-and-math/#Cool_STEM_Websites Great apps such as Minecraft encourage young learners to become engaged in design from an early age.


The proven edge that UK STEM holds is innovation and creativity. You’ll find that working with us means you can, where appropriate, exploit technology to maximum benefit. Our creative approach ensures that the complicated is made simple – and we’ll help you find solutions that are different.


So whether you are a private company, a trade organisation, a home educator, a school, college or have a public funded role in business development, UK STEM offers a service that will enable you to establish and deliver your vision for enhanced STEM education.