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Engagement with expertise through creative STEM Partners.


Bringing together a wide range of expertise into STEM innovation the STEM Partners can manage significant education development projects and achieve levels of engagement that wasn’t previously explored in STEM activities.


  • Mike Cargill, Engineering and Design. Director UK STEM

  • Sally Richardson, STEM Associate leading on Global STEM Award and International Links

  • Claire Garside

  • Beckie Taylor, UKSTEM Associate

  • Ali Cargill, BAEd (Hons), PGDip, MA, English.

  • Tanya Shields, Science. Director Primarily Science. https://sites.google.com/site/tanyashields1/home

  • Becci Pindar, Maths Specialist, Assistant Headteacher.

  • Rob Moore, Leadership and Business. Director Moore Effective Business Solutions. www.mooreeffective.co.uk

  • Andy Day

  • Chloe Cargill BSc (Hons.), UKSTEM Educational Resources Developer and Conservation Advisory

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